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5th Annual State 4-H ARCHERY Shooting Sports Match 2017

Date: June 27, 2017

Time: All Day

Contact: Linda Edgington 707-463-4495,

Sponsor: UC 4-H Youth Development Program

Event Details

5th Annual State 4-H Archery Shooting Sports Match

Sponsored by the Mendocino County 4-H Council


Entries for the State 4-H Archery Shooting Sports Match must be postmarked by April 27, 2017. Targets will be mailed to leaders as soon as the checks and entries are received. The earlier the forms are turned in, the sooner the targets are mailed to the leaders.

Entry Form

First Time Shooters Entry Form


  1. A member may enter any or all of the 5 categories with a maximum of three distances per category.
  2. The entry fee is $5.00 for each category distance entered.
  3. All entries must be verified by the county 4-H staff that participants are currently enrolled in 4-H archery.
  4. Entry fees may be paid ONLY by a check from the local 4-H council.
  5. Make checks payable to Mendocino County 4-H Council.   Mail entries and one council check to: UCCE Mendocino, 890 North Bush Street, Ukiah, CA 95482 postmarked by April 18, 2017.

No late entries will be accepted.

Letter with instructions for County UCCE 4-H offices and Leaders


We rely upon the guidance of leaders and advisors in order to avoid confusion and problems. Practicing before the start of the contest is encouraged. Once the contest begins members will shoot only 18 arrows (6 ends of 3 arrows each) at each distance and ONLY score those 18 arrows. 

Entrants and Leaders: download the 2017 State Archery Match Rules


(by age, as of December 31, 2016):

  • Junior: 9-10 years of age
  • Intermediate:11-13 years of age
  • Senior: 14-19 years of age


See Rules for complete descriptions of each category.

  1. Longbow
  2. Recurve Bow ~ no sights
  3. Recurve Bow ~ with sights
  4. Compound ~ without sights (including Genesis bows)
  5. Compound ~ with sights
  6. First time Shooters

Score cards

All completed score cards must be returned to UCCE Mendocino and postmarked by June 27th to be eligible for awards. No late score cards will be accepted.

  1. All targets must be shot and scored in the presence of a certified 4-H archery leader.
  2. After score cards are verified, the results will be distributed through the UCCE offices. 


Awards will be sent to the UCCE offices of participating counties for archery leaders to distribute.

First time shooters will compete only against each other by age and category. 

Each of the top 10% of shooters for each division within each category will receive a gold award, the next lower 10% a silver award, and the next lower 10% a bronze award. Percentage will be based on the completed score sheets. Participation certificates will be awarded to all shooters who have returned completed score sheets.


Awarded to the most bulls-eyes scored; ties will be broken by the highest score.

County Teams

Within each category, there must be at least 3 teams for the trophy to be awarded. 

The top 3 scorers of each county from the combined Junior, Intermediate and Senior divisions with each category will be selected as the county team for that category. There will not be more than one team selected per county for each category. A county with fewer than three shooters in the combined junior, intermediate and senior divisions of a category will not have a team for that category.

Event Reminder

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