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2018-19 County All Star Ambassador Team

It's almost time to apply for the 2018-2019 County All Star Ambassador Team!

Hello everyone! I’m Christina Wagner, and as the Sacramento County 4-H All Star Advisor I’d like to tell you about our program.

How many of you are familiar with the star ranks you can earn for your 4-H hat? The bronze, silver, gold and platinum stars?

County All Star Ambassador

The platinum star is the highest rank you can earn at your club level. The County All Star Ambassador is what comes after the platinum star, and it is the highest rank you can earn at the county level.

Being a part of the 4-H County All Star Ambassador Team is a working award, which mean it comes with responsibility. It gives members a chance to represent 4-H within Sacramento County and also to other counties in our state. County All Star Ambassadors gain experience organizing events at the county, area and state levels. Because it’s the highest rank a member can achieve at the county level, it provides a unique range of great opportunities, experiences, and memories for those who achieve it.

A few of the responsibilities you will have as a County All Star Ambassador include hosting the County Record Book Judging event during summer, and planning our county 4-H Achievement Night in the fall. County All Star Ambassadors also facilitate the State Leadership Conference Orientation before the conference each summer. Speaking of SLC, County All Star Ambassadors must attend but their attendance is sponsored by the County 4-H Leader's Council (which means the $500.00+ fee to go is paid for by the County 4-H!).   County All Star Ambassadors also choose a Program or Management Committee to join within our county.

There are County All Star Ambassador meetings on a regular basis, and these are planned on days/time which are convenient for you.

Other responsibilities include developing and following through with goals appropriate for the County All Star Ambassador Team, one of which might be to organize some Hi 4-H events during the year.

These events and responsibilities may sound new and intimidating, but I assure you, you are ready to tackle them. You’ve gotten really good at being a 4-H project member, and you’ve learned how to do things at the club level (you may even be getting tired of doing ‘the same thing’ year after year with your project and club work); now it’s time to move up to the county level. It’s time and you can do it!

It probably sounds overwhelming to read all these tasks at once, but remember these are things that will happen over a year’s time.  During this time, you’ll have the support of your County All Star Ambassador advisor as you fulfill your role.

Members interested in applying must:

  • be at least 15 years old by December 31, 2017;
  • be currently enrolled in at least their third year of 4-H; and
  • have already achieved their Gold Star rank.

To apply, please:

  • request a copy of the All Star application packet from the 4-H Office (sacramento4h@ucanr.edubetween January 11 and February 22;
  • find three people who will submit letters of recommendation (ask these people soon) and either (A) have them submit the recommendation via email to or (B) give them each an addressed, stamped envelope in which to mail their letters directly to, and be received by, the 4-H Office before 4:00pm on February 28; and finally
  • deliver the completed application to the 4-H Office by 4:00pm, Wednesday, February 28.

Late application packets will not be accepted, and incomplete application packets will not be considered.

Applicants will then be interviewed by the selection panel (at the 4-H Office) on the afternoon of Sunday, March 11. Those who have demonstrated the ability to plan, organize and follow through, in addition to being a proven leader, will be selected as Sacramento County 4-H All Stars.

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions – the easiest way is via email, at

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