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Welcome to Sacramento County 4-H!

Sacramento 4-H Office is back open.

Sacramento 4-H, along with the other Cooperative Extension programs are back in our offices and open to the public.  We have revised hours for the next few months, and if you need to meet with 4-H staff, pick up an order or lending library items, we will need you to make an appointment with Jen to do that. 

Office Hours

Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Closed from 12:00-1:00 p.m. for lunch


Sacramento 4-H Office Contacts

The best way to reach the 4-H staff is:

Jen Henkens

4-H Regional Program Coordinator

Questions about  enrollment, countywide  programs, 4-H Camp Jen.



Michelle Ross

4-H Program Coordinator

Questions about the 4-H Club programs, general questions... contact Michelle.



Beryl Johnson

4-H Progam Representative

Questions about our after school or science literacy Beryl.


Marianne Bird

4-H Youth Development Advisor

Questions about community partnerships, research or program Marianne.


Nancy Greilich - Office Administrator

Questions about facility use or the Cooperative Extension Nancy.


What is 4-H

The purpose of the  4-H Youth Development Program is to help young people discover and develop their potential and grow into competent, contributing, and caring citizens. Learn by doing activities, youth-adult partnerships, and research-based educational programs help young people enhance their leadership abilities and develop a wide range of other life skills.  

Sacramento 4-H Blog

Not a Consolation Prize
Of all the heartache and disappointment the pandemic dealt last year, letting go of camp was one of the most difficult for me. In February, 4-H decided statewide to forego resident camp programs again this summer. However, Sacramento County 4-H will provide a local day camp experience that promises...

Creating Space for Kids' Ideas
Many of you know that camp was, and still is, a passion for me. Not only was it where I learned to love the wilderness, I also discovered a lot about myself during those summers in the mountains. It was at camp that I decided that I wanted to work with kids, and lessons from those early experiences...

The Gift of Giving
Discovering your passion. Taking responsibility. Being part of a team. A special bond with an adult who cares. Learning about yourself. Knowing you're really good at something. Showing at Fair and making forever friends. The first time sleeping under the stars. 4-H is all these things. Those of us...

Thoughts on Starting Up...and a Thank You!
It's been almost four months since the coronavirus transformed our communities and created changes that, just last February, we would never have dreamed possible. The shutting down and now gradual re-opening of where we work, shop, live and play has affected all of us in different ways. Some have...

Thank You for Giving
This week we celebrate Thanksgiving, and I've been reflecting on the word “giving.”  We give to things we care about. Think about where you spend your time and your energy, both limited resources. I suspect most of us dedicate ourselves to family, like our children or spouse (or...

100% of your donation to Sacramento County 4-H through the CA 4-H Foundation goes directly to support our youth members and adult volunteers. Please be sure to specify Sacramento 4-H.

4-H Grows

  • Empathy


  • Engaged Citizens

    Engaged Citizens

  • Friendship


  • Friendship


  • Fun


  • Fun


  • Happiness


  • Healthy Lifestyles

    Healthy Lifestyles

  • Independence


  • Inginuity


  • Leadership


  • Life Skills

    Life Skills

  • Responsibility


  • Self-Reliance


  • Service to Others

    Service to Others

  • Teamwork


  • Teamwork


  • Character


  • Competence


  • Compassion


  • Concern for our World

    Concern for our World

  • Confidence


  • Curriosity


  • Discovery


  • A Sense of Wonder

    A Sense of Wonder

  • Caring Adults

    Caring Adults

  • Community


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