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Adult Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer to Make a Difference

True Leaders aren't born they're grown

Our volunteers are a key part of the 4-H Youth Development Program. By volunteering, you are helping to grow the skills of 4-H youth to be our future leaders.  

Sacramento County's 4-H program has a wide range of volunteer opportunities and welcomes community members to share their skills, interests and time.

Ways you can volunteer

Volunteering in 4-H is flexible and rewarding. Share your expertise and experience with the youth and other volunteers to make things happen!

Engage and work with youth to help them thrive.
Engage and work with youth to help them thrive.
Share your spark with youth in a 4-H project or provide administrative support for a 4-H Club.
Share your spark with youth in a 4-H project or provide administrative support for a 4-H Club.
Volunteer to chaperone at 4-H Camp.
Volunteer to chaperone at 4-H Camp.
Support 4-H'ers as they plan and execute activities & events.
Support 4-H'ers as they plan and execute activities & events.
Engage youth in hands on science in 4-H YES or On the Wild Side.
Engage youth in hands on science in 4-H YES or On the Wild Side.


New Volunteers

New volunteers

All 4-H adult volunteers must apply and be appointed annually.

Process to become a new 4-H Adult Volunteer

1. Find a club

See our list of clubs to find one near you. You can also contact the 4-H Office at or 916-875-6530 in the Sacramento Extension office for help in finding clubs or programs near you to start you on the process of becoming a volunteer. Contact the club or program leader to learn more about the volunteer opportunities available.

2. Screening Process

All new 4-H volunteers must go through a screening process. Our #1 priority in 4-H is the safety of young people. We do all we can to protect young people and keep them safe while they are in our care. When you become a 4-H volunteer, you are part of the plan to keep our young people safe.

1. Complete the Sacramento 4-H Volunteer Interest Survey. 

       The county 4-H Representative will reach out to you with the necessary information to complete the following steps. 

2. Create an adult volunteer profile within the online enrollment system.

Please make sure the Family email address in the system is correct and one you check regularly. This email will be used for most communications and to confirm your volunteer application. 

*For Spanish: The ZSuite system is only in English. You can fill in the paper enrollment packet in Spanish and turn it in to your club leader or county staff for them to enter it into ZSuite for you. Please keep a copy of the paper forms for your records.

3. Complete a California Department of Justice Livescan background check.

An important part of providing a safe environment is to conduct background checks on our volunteers and staff. Everyone that will be spending an extended time with our 4-H youth is screened.

3. Pay the $30 Adult Volunteer enrollment fee. 

4. New Volunteer Training

All new 4-H volunteers are required to take the New Volunteer Training online courses in the eXtension system before they become approved as volunteers. This interactive training series introduces you to the best practices in positive youth development that are used in 4-H. The trainings are available in English and Spanish.

After you complete and submit your ZSuite profile you will receive an automated message with the eXtension login instructions. The email will go to the Family email account you entered in ZSuite.

If you used a paper enrollment form, you will have to check with your county 4-H Representative for the login instructions.

5. Approval

4-H volunteer appointments are reviewed and approved 4-H after

You are signed up in ZSuite.
• You have passed the screening process.
• You complete all of the New Volunteer Training required in your county.

Once you are approved, the fun begins! Thank you for joining our 4-H family!

Returning Volunteers

Returning volunteers

4-H has grown in California because of the dedication of our volunteers. Some of our
volunteers have supported 4-H for 10, 20 and 30 years or more!

Re-Apply annually by December 31

All 4-H volunteers must be appointed annually. If you are a current 4-H Adult Volunteer, to continue in the next year you need to re-apply and be re-appointed by December 31st to continue with no break in service.

Re-application process

1. Update your ZSuite profile.

Log in to ZSuite to update your profile to enroll for the new year. Please make sure the email address in the system is correct and one you check regularly.

2. Take the Returning Volunteers Training in the online eXtenstion system.

You will receive the login information sent to your Family email after you update and submit your ZSuite profile application for the new year. If you used a paper enrollment form, you will have to check with your county 4-H Representative for the instructions.

3. Pay the $30 Adult Volunteer enrollment fee. 

4. Get approved as a 4-H Volunteer.

After all the application requirements and mandatory trainings are completed, volunteer appointments will be reviewed and approved.

NOTE: If you have a break in service

You have a break in service if you are not currently enrolled as a 4-H volunteer when you apply for the new year. Please follow the process for New Volunteers when applying.


In 4-H you'll find:

  • short and long-term jobs
  • volunteer opportunities for youth
  • management as well as program positions
  • training and support for your role

We rely on volunteers in all aspects of our program.  The experience offers satisfaction, the opportunity to meet and work with others, the change to grow your skills, and fun.

If you are interested in volunteering, please complete this volunteer survey.  Once that is complete, we can match you with a program that most interests you and get set up to attend an upcoming New Volunteer Orientation.

4-H Club Program

The 4-H Club program is the oldest and most established of our delivery methods. 4-H Community Clubs are found throughout the county and offer the opportunity for hands-on learning for children ages 5 to 19.

4-H Volunteers are needed to lead 4-H projects in an area of interest.  We also need volunteers to help with 4-H Club Leader administrative tasks.

4-H YES Program

4-H Youth Experiences in Science (YES) Program

The 4-H YES curriculum is designed to foster inquiry and engage children ages 5 to 8 in the process of exploration. A cross-age teaching model engages teenage volunteers as teachers.  After attending a 10-hour training session (equipped with 4-H YES curriculum and adult coaches), the teens work in teams to prepare and deliver the weekly science activities.  We have volunteer openings for both teens as teachers and adult coaches.

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