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What is 4-H On The Wild Side (OTWS)?  4-H On The Wild Side (OTWS) is part of the Cooperative Extension 4-H Youth Development Program whose purpose is to bring environmental education and an outdoor living experience to 4th-6th grade children who have a limited opportunity to explore wild places or sleep under the stars. Young participants are expected to grow their knowledge and understanding of the natural world, expand their appreciation for conservation and environmental stewardship, and develop an enthusiasm for nature and outdoor experiences.
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Where does 4-H OTWS take place?  The weekend programs take place at a camp facility in Nevada City where children participate in a variety of outdoor education activities drawn from Project Wild, Project Aquatic Wild, and Project Learning Tree curricula.
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Who leads 4-H OTWS?  Through training and empowering teenagers as program leaders, the project also increases feelings of service and environmental stewardship in those young people delivering the program. Teens work alongside adult volunteers and attend monthly staff meetings, a day-long training session, and a weekend retreat all while working in teams to plan and deliver program components. High school students and adults seeking a meaningful way to connect with and serve are invited to apply for a staff position.
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