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Water Wizards
What is 4-H Water Wizards?  4-H Water Wizards is a 12-week science education project teaching 4th-6th grade students about water and its importance to the planet. Delivered to children in after school settings, students participate in hands-on learning experiences that encourage inquiry, teach basic information about water, and develop awareness.  As part of the curricula, youth take a field trip to the American River Water Education Center. Youth also take action on a water issue in their community.
Training for After School Staff
Staff who work in after school program sites deliver Water Wizards. They attend three three-hour trainings—one for each of the three Water Wizards components: Water and the Environment; Water Properties; and Making a Difference. Trainings are hands-on and emphasize the importance of inquiry in teaching science.
Program Partners
Program Partners in our effort include:
  • American River Water Education Center
  • Elk Grove USD Expanded Learning Programs
  • Sacramento START after school program
  • Sacramento County Department of Water Resources 
  • City of Sacramento, Department of Utilities, Stormwater Quality Improvement Program
  • California Agriculture and Natural Resources

4-H Water Wizards Video

Watch our video for more information about 4-H Water Wizards.

4-H Water Wizards Program Report





What do Kids Do?

Components in 4-H Water Wizards include:

Water and the Environment (four sessions)

  • Understanding the Water Cycle—Nature’s Recycling System
  • Watersheds: Where We Live
  • My Community Watershed
  • Wetlands—Water, Wildlife, Plants, and People

Water Properties (four sessions)

  • Is Bottled Water Better? A Taste Test
  • Measuring Salinity of Water Samples
  • Measuring Water Density
  • Testing Our Water

Making a Difference (four sessions)

  • What is Community—Why Volunteer?
  • Choosing and Planning a Community Service Project
  • Getting Your Service Project Started
  • Project Day
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